Service provision

Customers who are involved in long running programmes, need to ensure they have security of supply throughout the programme’s life and therefore wish to reflect this in contractual ‘Service Provider’ agreements with their suppliers.

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace supplies a number of the world’s leading aerospace manufacturers under such agreements and this experience has enabled us to develop and refine the processes we use to deliver consistent performance. These include the following:

  • Demand Management – including the capability to electronically upload, manipulate and model customer forecasts by item.
  • Inventory Management – including the real time monitoring of inventory, and its comparison with a) what is on order with suppliers and b) customers’ forecast demand, in order to ensure that stock coverage is constantly available. This process can be applied whether the inventory is owned by the customer or ThyssenKrupp Aerospace.
  • Supplier Management including management of customer negotiated contracts – to monitor supplier performance and take corrective action where necessary.
  • Multi-point delivery – either to different locations within customer-owned facilities or throughout its supply chain around the world.

Benefits of this approach are:

  • Aggregation of full material demand and as a result the ability to buy materials economically.
  • The application of consistent dedicated ‘lean’ processes for demand/inventory management.
  • Full OEM visibility of the materials supply chain and the elimination of shocks.
  • Reduction in inventories.
  • Consistent delivery performance.
  • Lower costs.

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