Costs and cost reduction

We are dedicated to lowering total cost.

All of our materials and processing services can only be of value if they also match customer needs for a cost effective solution.

By succeeding in competitive bidding exercises and being selected following customer's internal 'make or buy' decisions, we know that we are cost competitive. However that is only one part of the 'total cost' story.

We know that by working more closely and openly with customers, we have contributed to lowering their total cost through:

  • Waste reduction - material optimisation reduced one company's material cost by 32 %.
  • Stock reduction - just in time supply enables customers to eliminate raw material inventory and free up cash for investment.
  • Reduced costs of disruption and discontinuity - 99.9 % on time delivery over the last three years has ensured a consistent production rate for a leading aircraft manufacturer.
  • Enabling customers to focus on their core competencies - rather than worrying about every detail of material supply, customers can focus on improving their own productivity.

This experience is summarized in a series of case studies which we are pleased to share with interested customers.

Please speak to your ThyssenKrupp Aerospace sales representative who will be pleased to set up a meeting to discuss your needs in detail.

Brochure / How to reduce materials costs: