Aluminum sheet

Products and processing

Our range of aircraft sheet conforms to the requirements of both the current and former build programmes of the world's leading aerospace manufacturers. As a result we offer a totally comprehensive service to companies involved in new build and MRO. All items can be PVC coated - one or both sides to ensure its surface quality is maintained throughout the production process. All items can be cut to size and profile cut to the most exacting specifications to give customers exactly what they want in terms of size, shape and quantity.

Waterjet technology

We can process a wide array of materials to ± 0.50 mm (0.0197 in).

Grain flow

Please note that the grain structure of aluminum (see page 56) affects the mechanical properties of components. It is therefore essential to specify the direction of the grain flow for any cut or machined piece at the time of ordering.

Sheet cutting and profiling

Guillotines, CNC sheet routers and laser inspection facilities provide the following capabilities:

  • Cut to size from 0.3 mm to 6.35 mm (0.012 in to 0.25 in) thickness
  • Coil leveling to flat sheet
  • Profile nesting
  • High-speed routing
  • Deburring to the highest standards
  • Laser inspection and tolerance reporting


Since aluminum sheet can easily be damaged during transit, we have developed special boxes for just in time deliveries which enable several different sheets to be delivered at the same time without any risk of damage. Sea freight and air freight deliveries are made in custom designed boxes.

Further information

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