Premium Aerotec selects thyssenkrupp Aerospace

Premium Aerotec has signed a 10 year contract with thyssenkrupp Aerospace to manage material supply in Varel.

Since its formation as a separate unit within EADS Group at years end 2008, Premium AEROTEC has moved quickly to pursue its objective of becoming one of the leanest aerostructures manufacturers in Western Europe.

As part of this process the company has created a supplier park (The Aeropark) next to its manufacturing facilities in Varel, Northern Germany and has just signed a 10 year contract with thyssenkrupp Aerospace who will set up facilities and manage PAG’s materials supply from there.

thyssenkrupp Aerospace is investing €20m to build and equip a 12,500 square metre warehouse and process centre on the Aeropark, where it will store, cut and surface machine 14,000 tonnes of aluminium plate per year. In addition it will undertake some post production operations and manage the logistics to ensure that all materials are delivered on a ‘Just in Time’ basis to Premium AEROTEC and its sub contractors.

Building work has already started on the site and it is expected to be operational by Q4 2010.

In announcing the deal, Uwe Fresenborg, Head of the Varel plant, said: “This agreement is a major step forward for Premium AEROTEC and for the plant in Varel in order to strengthen the site for the future. It will enable us to specifically strengthen our core business and will be a significant contributor to our objective of achieving world class status.”

Stuart Wilkins, President of thyssenkrupp Aerospace, said: “We are delighted to support this initiative and to be selected as a Premium AEROTEC preferred supplier. We fundamentally believe that closer working relationships between major aerospace companies and their supply base will drive cost optimisation and improve supply security.”

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