What we do

Price, delivery and quality continue to be the most important requirements of aerospace material buyers. The development of new aircraft and the consistent competitive pressure to provide lowest cost and the highest quality in the shortest timescales, mean that these requirements have to be achieved in an increasingly complex environment.

The introduction of new aircraft continues to drive the need for a wider range of materials and specifications. The application of 'lean' manufacturing principles demands that these materials are supplied on a just-in-time basis and often in a processed form.

thyssenkrupp Aerospace is dedicated to meeting these needs. Whether our customers have an immediate one-off requirement for a single piece of metal, or need to negotiate a long-term agreement covering multiple materials and processes, we are ready to respond on a localised basis or as part of a global arrangement.

We recognise that different customers have different manufacturing strategies and need different services to optimise or reduce production costs. Because all customers are different, we offer a menu of services which can be tailored to suit the most demanding needs, these include:

  • Quick response to ad-hoc requests
  • Service Provision
  • Supply Chain Management
  • 3rd Party Logistics (3PL)
  • Tooling Management